Best clothes rack companies on the market

posted on 30 Aug 2013 14:02 by carmen9deer

My girlfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment, we thought we would take a non-furnished room since we had most of the furniture we needed. A week into residing in our home, we realized there were storage trouble with our clothing, we simply didn't have enough space for hanging our cloths. I actually needed to use area of the kitchen and a few of the family room to store several of my cloths since my girlfriend already began most of our designated space inside our room for hers.

We made a decision to go online to look at wardrobe and cloths storage options that individuals so desperately needed. We found three great websites that supply some nice wardrobe storage options. First was IKEA, they've got long selection of items, a lot of them were your traditional bulky coat racks which were not an option since we did not have a lot of free space.

IKEA had some modern looking space-efficient hanger racks however they were very costly and looked a bit low quality. Second was closetmaid dot com, which had a lot of options at the same time, mostly traditional designs. Our biggest issue was the price and the not enough space for which they offered. With closetmaid, you'd have to buy a wardrobe storage sets by individual pieces which could end up costing you a lot.

The third and last place we looked was princehanger dot com, which I myself never been aware of this brand before but I was surprised to determine their many modern looking, cost-effective and space-friendly selections for coat racks, without delay I knew it was our best option. They offered several sizes and styles which makes it possible to show any nook and corner into a nice looking wardrobe.

We chose to go with two different groups of More methods at the website then when the product arrived, everything was sturdy, an easy task to assemble and an easy task to install with no damage on the ceiling and floor. It looked great with your modern-looking apartment. It's safe and sturdy along with the best part was which it made our new home look neat.

Clothing hanger easy installation products

posted on 10 Aug 2013 14:08 by carmen9deer

It was only until I saw Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger that I stoped lamenting to my friend about the lack of wardrobe space inside my house. She had just purchased it and invited me to her house to check out the brand new hanger system as I was skeptical about online purchases.

My previous online purchases failed to turn out well and I was especially careful after that. I was happily surprised at its high quality and great design. After investigating her Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger, I was sold and bought exactly the same system for my home.

It come to good in time a neatly packed box. The installation handbook is clear and. Its unique technology with the one touch method makes it simple for me to install the garment rack without the assistance of anyone. This technology provides for easy installation as well as simple removal. Within below an hour, I had a whole wardrobe with wire shelf plus pants hanger. There were also baskets will place smaller such things as towels.

The steel pipe of bar is sturdy enough to keep at least 160 shirts which totally solved my wardrobe space issue. My favorite part from the hanger was the pants hanger. Its smoothly curved pants hanger bars are created in the way who's prevent wrinkling on the folded part with the pants. This is a very well thought out design which is seldom seem in many clothing racks.

My pants get wrinkled when I position them in traditional hangers. With its affordable price, it was a good value obtain I strongly suggest this site for people who have storage issues in their homes and would certainly make my second invest in this site soon!

Wooden Clothes Rack Where I can buy

posted on 27 Jul 2013 14:08 by carmen9deer

clothing rack There is a variety of clothing racks you can find that has been created in consideration of the requirements of the users as well as their budget. A clothing rack is suited with different features that enable a persons to hang their clothes with relative ease. Some of these features include hooks for holding the garments, brackets, shelves, and baskets which can be all aimed at providing the best storage solution for all types of clothes.

While buying a clothing rack, design is vital as it has to match involve the buyer due to the space available in the house, the forms of clothes being stored as well as the budget of the client. The clothing racks however are available in different designs where a buyer could decide among, which includes two-way or four way clothing rack. Most with the racks are made from galvanized steel which ensures you keep them easy to clean and hence keeping the clothes always clean.

A good rack ought to be durable in an attempt to give the user the maximum value from the cost incurred inside purchase. One needs to take into account the material that's been used to make the item, nevertheless the metal garment rack tends being more durable racks they do not break easily. They are able to withstand heavy pressure from big volumes of clothes hanged in it especially within the commercial stores. However plastic clothing racks tend to be cheaper and flexible with respect to the intended use but are more convenient for domestic use.

Finally a garment rack is designed and manufactured specific to some given use hence the potential buyers should enquire on the designs that fit their needs. They are designed for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. Those for commercial uses can be free standing or mounted on the walls of the store where the clothes for sale are hanged.